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Soldering Irons


Soldering irons are used to melt solder, a substance often consisting of one or multiple types of metal, for the purpose of fusing multiple pieces of metal materials together. These irons contain metal tips, which heat up to melt the solder, as well as an insulated handle. The three buttons can be used to adjust and set temperature.

Helpful videos for an introduction to soldering and tips for success:



There is a potential risk of burns, as the tip of the soldering iron can reach over 500 F and will burn.  The iron must be returned to its stand when not being actively used.  When finished the unit must be unplugged.

Eye protection must be worn when soldering.  The solder can pop and "spit" when heated and send solder flying.

Work in a well-ventilated area.  The smoke and fumes can be irritating to eyes and throat.