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Events and Exhibits in the Library

Current Exhibits

The World through Abby’s Eyes (January 8, 2024 – April 30, 2024)

The World Through Abby’s Eyes, is about the nuanced life of women in the American West in the early twentieth century. The focal point of the exhibit will be Tacoma resident Abby Williams Hill (1861-1943), and specifically four significant roles she held: artist, advocate, mother, and woman. Building on these themes, we will also draw on the rich and vibrant history of Tacoma through documents, photographs and artifacts from the Archives & Special Collections, as well as the Hill art collection, that showcase these themes and time period. This exhibit will utilize the Hill Collection, a prominent teaching resource for Puget Sound, in a unique way. We hope to engage multiple disciplines across our campus, as well as the greater Tacoma community, as we consider the life of women in the West during the twentieth century.

Future Exhibits

Puget Sound Book Artists 13th Annual Members' Exhibition (June 4, 2024–August 1, 2024)

(More details coming soon!)


Exhibit Displays

Information about the Exhibit Display space:

We hope this page will provide you with useful information as you begin your creative work.  We anticipate that your items will be displayed in either the tall or flat cases.  If you have special requests for display it is important that you contact Library Administration to talk through your concerns.  We want to be sure that they are protected and secure.

Coll"The Link" library exhibit spaceins Memorial Library is an active and busy library.  The exhibition space is in a large visible area that is called “The Link.”  The space is adjacent to the library’s general information and circulation desk.  The space has been the site of many book arts exhibitions, including the annual Puget Sound Book Artists exhibition for the last eight years.  The space is large and airy and can accommodate six standing cases and 4 flat cases.  The dimensions of the cases are below.  There is limited wall space for display.  Below are several images of the space from previous exhibitions as well as photographs of the cases.

To insure that each book gets displayed well, we recommend that you keep the exhibition case dimensions in mind as you consider your book.

Because the space is public and not a gallery which is monitored by an assistant at all times, it is our general policy to include works that are able to be kept in the locked cases to assure protection and security of the work of art.  We can make exceptions, but the artist will need to understand the limitations of the space.

Display Space images

THE LINK exhibit space

THE LINK exhibit space

TALL CASES: (divided with two shelves) 51

TALL CASES: (divided with two shelves) 51" Tall 44.5" long length 16" short length


FLAT CASES: 6" tall 57" long length 27" short length


WALL CASES: ("glass viewing-area") 31" long + 31" long (62" total, but divided by wood) 52" tall