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Who can use the Makerspace?


All current members of the University of Puget Sound community (students, staff and faculty) are welcome in the Makerspace.  If a student would like access for an independent assignment, contact

Use of equipment is on a first-come, first-serve basis.  If you are planning a large scale project you should plan in advance and purchase the materials to use in the Makerspace.  A list of sources for purchasing and ordering materials can be found under the Supplies tab.

We have had inquiries about children using the space.  We hope to organize some family friendly events and want to encourage opportunities for young makers. However, due to liability issues and limited staff, we ask that children under the age of 13 always be accompanied by a parent or guardian.  Children over the age of 13 may visit the Makerspace, but we request that the parent or guardian contact the Makerspace at to make an appointment to assure that the activity can be supported, is age appropriate and that we have adequate staff to support the activity.  For example, use of soldering or wood burning tools would not be considered appropriate.  An appointment system provides us with the opportunity to manage our staff and resources.