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Makerspace Open Hours

Please note: Hours are subject to change based on staff availability and reservation of the Makerspace for class use.  Every effort is taken to post changes in a timely manner.




If you need to meet outside the posted times, please email

The Makerspace staff will work with you to determine if we are able to accommodate the request. 


What is the Makerspace?

The Makerspace is an informal setting in the Collins Memorial Library that allows Puget Sound students, faculty and staff the opportunity to make, create, collaborate, learn and share.

This takes the form of hands-on projects involving no tools to hand tools to high tech tools.

Makerspaces are defined by the makers who use them, but typically they provide the tools and space for individuals to explore, design, create, and modify physical objects in the name of art, research, or creativity. 

It’s a place to develop and create something out of nothing and explore.


Questions about the Makerspace?  Please send a message to



Meet the Team


Audrey is a second-year Art History Major who loves all things crafty!  She's happy to help whether you're a Makerspace regular or here for the first time.  She'll often be found using one of our two sewing machines, Patchricia and Sewsan, or making fund trinkets on the laser cutter!



Quinn is a 2nd-year student staff member possibly majoring in Math with a minor in Art.  She enjoys working with the sewing machines and the Silhouette Cutter.


Andi is a first-year student who is still undecided on a major but thinking about art history or studio art.  They are a crafty person who loves to help others.  They enjoy working with the sewing machines and collage materials.


Jada is the Makerspace Operations Manager.  She is a longtime crafter and maker with a strong curiosity to try new projects.  She looks forward to working with students, staff and faculty on individual or group projects, class activities and workshops.  Please email with any questions.