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Early English Books Online (EEBO): Illustrations

Illustration Tips

EEBO allows you to hone in on specific types of illustrations.

1. View This Document As

Navigate to the various document views and formats. 

2. Only Show the Following Illustrations

Each illustration type is listed along with the number of times that type appears in the document. The following illustration types are availble in EEBO:

Chart - An opaque sheet that displays information in a graphic or tabular form.

Coat of arms - A symbolic emblem of heraldic bearings; usually consists of a crest and motto.

Forms - Material that have blank spaces to be filled in by hand. Often pertaining to legal or church issues.

Genealogical tables - A graphic depiction of the line of descent of a family. (For example: A family tree.)

Illustrations - Any graphic representation not specifically listed in other descriptions.

Map - A representation, normally to scale and on a flat medium, of a selection of material or abstract features on, or in relation to, the earth's surface or the surface of any other celestial body.

Music - Musical notations (i.e. staff, clef sign, notes, etc.)

Plan - A drawing showing relative positions on a horizontal plane (e.g. relative positions of parts of a building; a landscape design; a graphic representation of a military manoeuvre; etc.)

Printer's mark - Colophon - decorative device or insignia identifying the printer found at the end of the work.

Printer's mark - Title page - decorative device or insignia identifying the printer found on the title page.

Portrait - A picture of a person or group of persons.

Title page border - decorative elements (frequently repeated) that enclose title page information.

Plates - Items inserted into the regular numbering and signatures of the book--they are either unnumbered entirely or have a separate numbering of their own. Plates are single-sided and sometimes fold-outs, and the other side of the page is often blank.

Symbols - i.e. scientific and mathematical formulae, astrological symbols.

3. View

View the illustrations as thumbails (the default view and also shown in the screenshot) or as text links (strips away the thumbnail images).

4. Thumbnail Images

Illustrations are listed with thumbnail images and the page number along with illustration type is noted. Click on the thumbnail or linked page number to open up the Document Images page for the image.