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Early English Books Online (EEBO): Browse - Periodicals

Browse Search Tips

The Browse Periodicals by Date page allows you to browse all periodical content in EEBO by the year and month in which it was published, and to view a list of issues for a particular date. It provides access to:

  • Corantos - broad sheet publications issued mainly in the Netherlands in 1620 and 1621, the earliest news publications in the English language
  • Newsbooks - the quarto-format news publications issued in the period 1622–1642
  • Thomason Periodicals - preserved in the British Library's Thomason Tracts collection (1641–1663).

1. Choose a Year and Month

You can go directly to a particular month and year by selecting a month and year from the drop-down lists at the top of the page and clicking Go. The list will then scroll to a list of issues for the year and month you have chosen.

2. Show All Issues

Go directly to issues for a specific year by selecting Show All Issues.

3. Hide All Issues

After expanding the list through the Show All Issues Year, you can retract the list by clicking Hide All Issues.

4. Browse Periodicals by Title

Select this option from the Browse by Date page to now browse periodicals by title. See the Screenshot to the right for additional Browse By Title Tips.

5. Locate a Title

Use the alphabetical links to jump directly to a title starting with a particulart letter or type the first few letters of the title into the search box and click Look For to locate a specific title or find the closest match. You can type full titles, partial titles or just a few characters into the box. Twenty titles are displayed per page.

6. Navigate

Use the page navigation to browse to other pages in the list.

7. Browse Periodicals by Date

Select this link to go back to the main Browse Periodicals by Date page.

Browse Periodicals by Date

Browse Periodicals by Title