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Early English Books Online (EEBO): Document Image

Document Image Tips

The Document Images section of EEBO allows you to access the scanned page images of the original work. Controls that allow you to optimize your image view are accessible for each document image.

When you access the document images for any document, you will be taken to a screen displaying the first page of the document. From this page, you can use the navigational elements to select any image within the document.

1. View This Document As

Navigate to the various document views and formats. In addition to the basic five views, the Document Images page also offers a PDF and TIFF view for the image.

2. Image Navigation

The page navigation appears above and below the image.  You can scroll through the pages by using the Previous image and Next image links.

3. Illustration Navigation

You can scroll through the document's illustrations (where available) using the Previous illustration and Next illustration links.

4. Other Image Navigation Options

The page information tells you how many page images are in the document and what page image you are viewing. You can jump to a specific page by entering the page number in the box next to the 'Go to image number' text and clicking the 'Go' button.

5. Select Zoom Size

When you first open your Document Image, the Zoom size will be set at the default size, which displays the document image at a size that is optimized for all monitors. You can select your desired image size from the drop-down list and, on clicking 'Go', the image will be resized according to your specifications. Subsequent viewings of document images will automatically adjust to your last selected setting.

6. Adjust View & Print

This option takes the image out of the EEBO page and provides additional options for manipulating the image such as moving the image in different directions, zooming into particular points, and recentering the image. You can then print from those specific points by selecting to print the current view.

7. Download TIFF File

The TIFF version will download the whole page in TIFF format for use with your own image manipulation software.

Document Image