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Library Resources for Puget Sound Staff: Legal / Consumer

Legal Resources

Consumer Resources

Through Collins Library subscription databases, you have access to several consumer-oriented publications:

Consumer Reports: This venerable monthly magazine first began publishing in 1936, and continues to offer reviews and comparisons of common consumer goods. Consumer Reports also publishes its reviews in more targeted publications:

  • Consumer Reports:  Buying Guide:  Interested in purchasing a new refrigerator, automobile, coffee maker, e-book reader, child's car seat, or virtually any other class of consumer product?  The Buying Guide provides detailed information about specific consumer products, with a focus on price, reliability, safety, and several other factors.
  • Consumer Reports:  Health:  Provides highlights from Consumer Reports testing about drug and food safety, recommendations for good doctor-patient communication, and timely updates about vaccinations, illness trends, and food and drug recalls.