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Ask a Librarian and Research Assistance

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Make an appointment with your subject liaison librarian

Collins Library has librarians designated as subject experts. Any librarian can help you with research but when you need an extensive consultation on a research topic, librarians who specialize in the topic you are working on may know of additional resources and helpful strategies in that subject area. Students, faculty, and staff are encouraged to contact a liaison librarian by email or appointment request form.

Academic Department Liaison Librarian
African American Studies Wendy Lee Spaček
Art & Art History Wendy Lee Spaček
Asian Languages & Cultures Wendy Lee Spaček
Asian Studies Wendy Lee Spaček
Bioethics Eli Gandour-Rood
Biology Eli Gandour-Rood
Business & Leadership Andrea Klyn
Chemistry Eli Gandour-Rood
Communication Studies Wendy Lee Spaček
Computer Science Eli Gandour-Rood
Connections Peggy Burge

Crime, Law, & Justice Studies

Peggy Burge
Economics Andrea Klyn
Education - Counseling Andrea Klyn
Education - Teaching Andrea Klyn
English Peggy Burge (interim)
Environmental Policy & Decision Making Eli Gandour-Rood
Exercise Science Eli Gandour-Rood
French & Francophone Studies Peggy Burge (interim)
Gender & Queer Studies Peggy Burge (interim)
Geology Eli Gandour-Rood
German Studies Peggy Burge (interim)
Global Development Studies Andrea Klyn
Greek, Latin, & Ancient Mediterranean Studies Wendy Lee Spaček
Hispanic Studies Peggy Burge (interim)
History Peggy Burge
Honors Peggy Burge
Interdisciplinary Humanities Peggy Burge
International Political Economy Andrea Klyn
Latin American Studies Peggy Burge (interim)
Latina/o Studies Peggy Burge (interim)
Mathematics Eli Gandour-Rood
Music Wendy Lee Spaček
Neuroscience Andrea Klyn
Occupational Therapy Eli Gandour-Rood
Philosophy Peggy Burge (interim)
Physical Therapy Eli Gandour-Rood
Physics Eli Gandour-Rood
Politics & Government Andrea Klyn
Psychology Andrea Klyn
Public Health Eli Gandour-Rood
Religion, Spirituality, & Society Peggy Burge
Science, Technology, Health, & Society Peggy Burge
Sociology & Anthropology Andrea Klyn
Theatre Arts Wendy Lee Spaček