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Communication Studies

Communication Studies @ Collins Library

This guide is intended to serve as a starting point for Puget Sound students interested in Commuication Studies. It provides general information as well as links to selected print and electronic resources.

  • Getting Started leads you to suggested background sources for an overview of your topic.
  • Primary Sources include examples of orginal, uninterpreted sources relevant to Communication Studies.  
  • Books & Media highlights current books, e-books, Primo, and films.
  • Articles on art topics may be found in the highlighted databases. 
  • News Resources will help you find newspaper articles and other sources from mass media.
  • Writing & Citing provide information about style manuals and citation management tools.
  • Get Help With Your Research by scheduling an appointment with a librarian or using our 24/7 chat service

New Titles in Communication Studies

Communicating Climate Change

This edited collection focuses on theoretical and applied research-based observations concerning how experts, advocates, and institutions make climate change information accessible to different audiences.

The Queer Biopic in the AIDS Era

The Queer Biopic in the AIDS Era offers a new account of the AIDS crisis and the emergence of New Queer Cinema. Author Laura Stamm asks why queer filmmakers repeatedly produced biographical films of queer individuals living and dead throughout the years surrounding the AIDS crisis.

White Supremacy and the American Media

This volume examines the ways in which the media, including film, television, social media, and gaming, has constructed and sustained a narrative of white supremacy that has entered mainstream American discourse.

Policy in the News

This study is the first large-scale empirical investigation into the frequency and reliability of media coverage in five policy domains, and it provides tools that can be exported to other areas, in the US and elsewhere.

Highlighted Resources

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