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Primary Sources in Education

Primary sources in Education depend on the course you're in, and the project you're working on.

When developing curriculum material, primary sources could be a novel, story, poem, film, diary, speech, letter, autobiography or newspaper article.  Or a primary source could be an image, map, photograph or other type of art work.  As long as it's an "original" source created by the author or artist.

While in education research a primary source is a report of an original research study.  Primary sources are written by the researcher(s) who conducted the study and are generally published in journal articles, technical reports from research institutions or educational organizations, or in conference proceedings.

What's a primary source?

Primary sources are original, uninterpreted information.  Scholars analyze primary sources in order to answer research questions. Examples of primary sources vary by discipline.

Examples in the humanities:

  • a novel
  • a painting
  • a theatre performance

Examples in the social sciences:

  • a political, social, or economic theory
  • a dataset
  • the results of an experiment published in a peer-reviewed journal

Example in the sciences:

  • the results of an experiment published in a peer-reviewed journal

Archives & Special Collections Hours

The Archives & Special Collections is located on the second floor of the Collins Memorial Library.

Set up an appointment: We are open to researchers by appointment Monday through Friday from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM. To make an appointment, email or book online

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Puget Sound Archives & Special Collections, Education

The Archives & Special Collections collects, preserves, and makes available primary source material documenting life at the University as well as collections representing regional, national and international issues.

A small selection of material is listed below, for additional sources, please contact

The Claire and Don Egge Collection on China, 1987-1999, contains a small number of books and pamphlets on Chinese education, culture, politics, economics, and business, maps, and similar material collected by an American couple living and teaching for four years in China.

The John M. Finney Student papers, 1963-1986, include academic work completed by Finney as an undergraduate student at the University of Puget Sound, class schedules, class notes, assignments, syllabi, essays and an undergraduate thesis, and UPS Boggle Players Association records.

The Abby Williams Hill papers, 1880s-1930s, document the life and work of this female painter and social activist in the early 20th century.  Hill was especially interested in early education and was active in the Congress of Mothers (today's Parent Teacher Association).

In addition, the Archives & Special Collections holds a number of former professors' papers related to their teaching at Puget Sound.  These include Francis Wayland Hanawalt, Walter S. Davis, Leroy Ostransky, Lyle Shelmidine, and James Slater.