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This guide is intended to serve as a starting point for Puget Sound students interested in Music. It provides general information as well as links to selected print and electronic resources.

  • Getting Started leads you to suggested background sources for an overview of your topic.
  • Primary Sources include examples of original, uninterpreted sources relevant to music.  
  • Books & More highlight current books, e-books, Primo, and films.
  • Articles on music topics may be found in the highlighted databases. 
  • Scores gives you information on locating musical scores.
  • Audio shows you where to find both physical and digital recordings of music. 
  • Musical Analysis is a starting point for those looking to analyze specific works by composers. 
  • Writing & Citing provide information about style manuals and citation management tools.
  • Get Help With Your Research by scheduling an appointment with a librarian or using our 24/7 chat service

New Titles in Music

Inca music reimagined: indigenist discourses in Latin American art music, 1910-1930

In Inca Music Reimagined author Vera Wolkowicz explores Inca discourses in particular as a source for the creation of "national" and "continental" art music during the first decades of the twentieth century, concentrating on operas by composers from Peru, Ecuador and Argentina. To understand this process, Wolkowicz analyzes early twentieth-century writings on Inca music and its origins and describes how certain composers transposed "Inca" techniques into their own works, and how this music was perceived by local audiences.

Hearing Brazil: music and histories in Minas Gerais

Minas Gerais is a state in southeastern Brazil deeply connected to the nation's slave past and home to many traditions related to the African diaspora. Addressing a wide range of traditions helping to define the region, ethnomusicologist Jonathon Grasse examines the complexity of Minas Gerais by exploring the intersections of its history, music, and culture. Instruments, genres, social functions, and historical accounts are woven together to form a tapestry revealing a cultural territory's development. The deep pool of Brazilian scholarship referenced in the book, with original translations by the author, cites over two hundred Portuguese-language publications focusing on Minas Gerais.

The northern silence: journeys in Nordic music and culture

Andrew Mellor journeys to the heart of the Nordic cultural psyche. From Reykjavik to Rovaniemi, he examines the success of Nordic music's performers, the attitude of its audiences, and the sound of its composers past and present--celebrating along the way some of the most remarkable music ever written. Mellor peers into the dark side of the Scandinavian utopia, from xenophobia and alcoholism to parochialism and the twilight of the social democratic dream.

Fight the Power

Taking inspiration from Public Enemy's lead vocalist Chuck D - who once declared that 'rap is the CNN of young Black America' - this volume brings together leading legal commentators to make sense of some of the most pressing law and policy issues in the context of hip-hop music and the ongoing struggle for Black equality.

Finding the Raga

An autobiographical exploration of the role and meaning of music in our world by one of India's greatest living authors, himself a vocalist and performer.

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