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This page is a starting point for Puget Sound students looking for sources that analyze specific works of composers.


Critical Works

Use Primo to find books that provide critical analysis.

Search the composer's name and  criticism interpretation.

Ex. Mozart criticism interpretation (see examples below)


Use Primo to find biographies of the composer. They frequently frequently include information about compositions.

Search the composer's name and biography

Ex. Vivaldi biography  (see example below)


Search Tips:

When searching for analysis  in databases, try the following terms along with the composer or name of work:

  • Reception
  • Reputation
  • Criticism

Research Guides

Use Primo to find research guides about a composer. These guides typically contain a chronology, complete list of works, detailed discography, and an annotated bibliography of books and articles.

Search the name of the composer and research guide. Ex. Brahms research guide

See examples below.

Critical Editions of Scores

Critical editions of scores typically include commentaries. Below are some examples. Use Primo to find more.

Oxford Music Online

Oxford Studies of Composers Series

Use Primo to find more books in this series. Search oxford studies composers.