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Borrowing Privileges

Fine Policies

  • Overdue fees: Patrons are not fined for overdue items.  However, you will receive weekly email notifications of what you have checked out.  Also, if an item is long overdue, the item will eventually be designated as lost.
  • Lost materials:  If you lose materials or do not return materials within a reasonable period after the due date you will be charged the replacement cost of the material and a processing fee.
    • Collins Library materials: Replacement fees are either $90 or at-cost price of the item in our library system.
    • Summit materials: Replacement fees are $90
    • Interlibrary Loan materials: Replacement fees are designated by the lending library.
  • Damaged materials:  You are expected to exercise reasonable care when using library materials. You may be assessed the replacement cost of the item if, in the assessment of the Acquisitions staff, deem that the material condition is such that it is no longer usable by others. 
  • What if I want to buy a less expensive copy of the book instead of paying $90 for a lost or damaged book? 
    • We ask that patrons DO NOT purchase replacement copies of materials without approval as the replacement copy may not be accepted.  Our Acquisitions supervisor must approve all replacement copies purchased by patrons.