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ARTH 369: Chinese Art in the 20th and 21st centuries

Examples of Journals

Note: Some titles are electronic while others are print only.

Ars Orientalis

Journal of Asian Studies
Note: Backfile is available through JStor

Artibus Asiae (print)
Note: Backfile is available through JStor

Oriental Art  (print)

Arts of Asia (print)

Art and AsiaPacific

Orientations  (print)

Yishu : Journal of contemporary Chinese art (print)

Tip: Check the Primo  for more information about these titles.



Database Practice: Art Related Databases

Using the art related databases (search box to your right), search for articles about the use of animals in Chinese art.

What search terms did you use?

How many articles did you find?

If you found too little, what are some ways to broaden your search? If you found too much, what are some ways to narrow your search?

Database Search Tips

When searching databases, keep these techniques in mind for more effective searches.

Quotation marks search for an exact phrase.

Use quotation marks for two or more words when you want to find that exact phrase.

"Contemporary Chinese art"  finds results with that exact phrase.

   Without the quotation marks, you may also get Chinese and contemporary and art which yields broader search results.

Add more words when you want to narrow your search. Use the word AND to connect different concepts.

China AND "performance art"

Use OR to find related terms. OR broadens a search.

modern OR postmodern OR avant-garde

"Chinese art" AND (modern or postmodern or avant-garde)

Use an asterisk * to find variant word endings. Be careful not to shorten your word too much, because this can bring back results that are not relevant.

paint* retrieves paint, paints, painters, painting, etc.

(China or Chinese) AND art AND communism AND paint*

Art Related Databases

Search Jstor


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