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Book Arts Studio

What can you do in the Book Arts Studio?

Curious about book design and construction?  Do you want to learn more?  Visit the Studio during our open hours and start with a number of projects!  Below are a few projects that can be completed in about an hour.   

  • Print a letterpress bookmark! We keep bookmarks and postcards set up in the press, so you can give it a go any time you walk in.
  • Design your own print! Set type to create your own posters, poems, postcards, and more.
  • Make a 3 hole pamphlet book
  • Make an accordion fold book
  • Experiment with hand made pens and ink
  • Create a zine
  • Collage a book cover
  • Browse our collection of books on book and select a project

Book Arts Gallery

Below are links to some easy to follow instructions for book structures

 Let us know how we can help!  Stop by the Studio during open hours or email us!