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Collins Library Zine Collection

What is a zine?

Zines are small-format, low-budget, DIY, self-published booklets that anyone can make about anything for any reason. Stephen Duncombe, author of Notes from the Underground, describes zines as: “noncommercial, nonprofessional, small circulation magazines which their creators produce, publish, and distribute by themselves” (10-11). Many zines celebrate niche interests, embrace creative expression, foreground personal narratives, and/or argue for a particular political or social position.

Zines are an excellent medium for sharing knowledge and personal stories, journaling, advocating for or teaching someone about an issue or topic that you are passionate about, or building community within your circles.

Zines at Collins Library


The Collins Library Zine Collection is housed in Archives & Special Collections on the 2nd Floor of Collins Library.

View the finding aid for the full collection on Archives West!

Zine Anthologies at Collins

These anthologies are available to check out at Collins Library. Several more are available in Archives & Special Collections as part of our Bound Zines series.

Digital Collections

Explore these collections to see more examples of zines and other alternative press publications. Many include PDFs you can download.


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