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Collins Library Zine Collection

Citing Zines

All zines are protected by copyright unless they contain an anti-copyright statement. Like any other resource used in scholarship, zines should be cited. Use the information on this page or the guide for Citation Tools to get started.

Here are some tips for formatting your citations using MLA Style:

  • In MLA style, a pamphlet, zine, or brochure is cited like a book.
  • Include as much detail as possible, using the MLA's Core Elements.  
  • If your zine has no author, or if the author is "anonymous," begin your citation with the title of the zine. Pseudonyms, including online usernames, are usually given like regular author names.
  • If your zine is part of a numbered series, indicate the issue number.

General Form

Last name, First M. or Organization. Zine Title. Publisher, Year. 

Quick Guides to Commonly Used Citation Styles

Your librarians at Collins Library have prepared two-page overviews--with examples--for several commonly used citation styles.

The citation style you use typically depends on the academic discipline involved. Remember to always check with your professors first to find out which citation style they would like you to use!