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About News Sources

Newspaper articles can inform you about current events, or they can serve as primary sources helping you to see how topics have been discussed over time by putting them in historical context.  News articles span a wide array of topics including world events, finance, politics, social issues, sports, music, art and much more.

News and commentary can be found in published print newspapers and magazines (often contained online in library databases).  Content may also be found on news websites that offer free, or partially free, online versions of their newspaper.  Starting with library databases can save you time by getting you directly to subscribed content.

Published editorials and "Op-Ed" pieces are also included in many print newspapers and online.  Blogs could also be considered a form of commentary as they generally are not just presenting "facts" but are the author's point of view.

As always, when obtaining material from websites and news sources, make sure to consider any bias the source may have, its currency (is it updated regularly), and its authorship!

Great Starting Places

There are a myriad of places to go to find news content. 

Just want to peruse today's news?

Collins Library subscribes to a handful of print newspapers, which can be found in the Reading Room, just to your left as you enter the library:

New York Times

Puget Sound Business Journal

Seattle Times

Tacoma News Tribune

Wall Street Journal

Additionally, these databases provide great coverage of a wide number of national and regional newspapers, and are good starting points for news coverage.