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History 200 (Professor Neighbors)

Selected Print Collections (in English translation) in Collins Library

"Secondary Sources" as Primary Sources

Materials that we generally think of as secondary sources--such as scholarly journals--can be used as primary sources if your aim is to closely examine a debate or conversation during a specific time period. 

Here are some examples:

Remember, too, that JSTOR includes the deep backfiles of hundreds of scholarly journals.  Suppose, for example, you'd like to see if/how American scholars in the 1930s were writing about Japan.  By using the advanced search interface in JSTOR, you can limit your results to just articles from the 1930s and would discover that the journals Pacific Affairs and Far Eastern Journal provide numerous articles for examination.

Archival & Special Collections Resources

U.S. Newspapers & Magazines - Digital Collections

Government Documents

Government documents can be rich primary sources.  A few highlights:

Anthologies of Primary Sources: China

Anthologies of Primary Sources: Japan