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REL 320: Reproductive Ethics

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Library of Congress Subject Headings

The following Library of Congress Subject Headings are used for topics relating to reproductive ethics. Copy and paste these phrases (including quotation marks) into the Primo search box at right to identify books (and some articles) in Collins and SUMMIT libraries that share the same subject heading. 

For topics related to assisted reproduction, search with the following subject headings:

"Human reproductive technology -- moral and ethical aspects"

"Artificial insemination, human"

"Artificial insemination, human -- moral and ethical aspects"

"Donor gametes"

"Fertilization in vitro, human"

"Human embryo -- transplantation"

"Oocyte donation"

"Ovum -- transplantation"

"Sperm donors"

"Children of sperm donors"

"Reproductive tourism"

For topics related to abortion, search with the following subject headings:

"Abortion -- Moral and ethical aspects"

"Abortion -- Religious aspects"

"Pro-choice movement"

"Roe, Jane, 1947-2017"

For topics related to prenatal and pre-implantation genetic diagnosis, search with these subject headings:

"Preimplantation genetic diagnosis -- Moral and ethical aspects"

"Preimplantation genetic diagnosis -- Social aspects"

"Prenatal diagnosis -- Moral and ethical aspects"

"Genetic engineering -- Moral and ethical aspects"

"Genetic engineering -- Social aspects"

"Sex-Selective Abortion"

For topics related to adolescent women and healthcare, search with these subject headings:


"Adolescent Medicine"

"Adolescent health services"

"Pregnancy in Adolescence -- prevention & control"

"Parental Notification"

"Teenage girls -- Medical care"

"Reproductive health -- Moral and ethical aspects"

For topics related to sexual violence, search with the following subject headings:

"Rape as a weapon of war"

"Rape -- Religious aspects"

"Rape -- Social aspects"

"Sex crimes"

"Women -- Violence against"

"Comfort women" (refers specifically to women forced into sexual slavery by the Japanese Army during the Second World War)

For topics related to maternal health, including maternal-fetal conflict, search with these subject headings:

"Fetus -- Legal status, laws, etc"

"Pregnant women -- Legal status, laws, etc. -- United States"

"Prenatal care -- Moral and ethical aspects"

"Prenatal Care -- legislation & jurisprudence"

For topics related to healthcare and the LGBTQ community, search with these subject headings:

"Sexual minorities -- Medical care"

"Gays -- Medical care"

"Gay fathers"

"Lesbians -- Medical care"

"Lesbian mothers"

"Bisexuals -- Medical care"

"Transgender people -- Medical care"



Requesting Books from SUMMIT

SUMMIT borrowing allows you to get books from the other libraries that belong to the same consortium of academic libraries in the Pacific Northwest. Books take 3-5 working days to arrive, at which point they will be held for you at the circulation desk for one week, where you can pick them up with your ID card. You may keep Summit books for 6 weeks; there are no renewals. 

To request an item, click the "Request Item from SUMMIT' link, then enter any comments or request a specific volume if need be, and then click 'request.'  You can see your Summit requests by clicking the 'My Account' link when logged in to Primo. 

Location of Books

Locations of Books:

  • New books are located in the Library lobby on the main floor and are in call number order.
  • Print Reference books are on the first floor across from the Learning Commons area.
  • Book stacks: Consult the library map; look for location posters; or ask any staff member for help!
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  • Different publishers have different rules about what can be downloaded, printed, or copied.
Book cover of From IVF to Immortality

From IVF to Immortality

Assisted reproductive technologies are unique in their capacity to challenge our assumptions and elicit passionate responses. Looking at the moral, philosophical, and legal issues surrounding cases of surrogacy, single or same-sex parenthood, retrieval of sperm from dead or dying patients, and the impregnation of post-menopausal women, this book questions whether these rapidly-developing technologies are refashioning the nature of the family.

Reproductive Health and Human Rights: Integrating Medicine, Ethics, and Law

The concept of reproductive health promises to play a crucial role in improving women's health and rights around the world. It was internationally endorsed by a United Nations conference in 1994, but remains controversial because of the challenge it presents to conservative agencies: it challenges policies of suppressing public discussion on human sexuality and regulating its private expressions. Reproductive Health and Human Rights is designed to equip healthcare providers and administrators to integrate ethical, legal, and human rights principles in protection and promotion of reproductive health, and to inform lawyers and women's health advocates about aspects of medicine and healthcare systems that affect reproduction.

Globalizing Feminist Bioethics: Crosscultural Perspectives

Globalizing Feminist Bioethics is a collection of new essays on the topic of international bioethics that developed out of the Third World Congress of the International Association of Bioethics in 1996.