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FEPPS Support

This guide provides resources and guidance related to library services for those supporting FEPPS students.

License Situation

University of Puget Sound's electronic subscriptions are subject to licenses that dictate who can use the resources, and how. These licenses prevent Puget Sound students/staff/faculty from sharing articles that are accessed via subscription with others including FEPPS students.

Students in the Liberal Arts B.A Program have the right to access the same resources as the rest of the university community..However, FEPPS students ​in the A.A. are affiliated with Tacoma Community College, and can use their electronic resources. Below the databases held in common (between UPS and TCC) are highlighted, so research volunteers can locate articles that can​ ​be shared with AA FEPPS students.

Print materials are not beholden to the same licensing restrictions, so articles and select parts of books can be shared, as dictated by Copyright Law.

Databases for A.A. Students in Alphabetical Oder

Subject Guides

FEPPS students will have questions about a wide variety of topics. The library's Subject Guides are frequently a good starting place for subjects you might be unfamiliar with. The subject guides include background, primary, and secondary resources.

Reference Resources

Highlighted Transdisciplinary Databases

Open Access Articles