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Academic Integrity

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Recognizing Plagiarism

You would be plagiarizing in any of the following three basic instances:

  1. If you fail to enclose quoted material within quotation marks.
  2. If you do not cite the source of a direct quotation in the text of the paper and/or on the Works Cited or Reference page, or if you do not identify the correct source of a quotation.
  3. If you include paraphrased or summarized information (that is not "common knowledge") but do not properly acknowledge its source within parentheses and in the Works Cited list.

Useful Links

Citation Tools

The library has guide to citation tools. Keep in mind that each discipline has a preferred style of formatting citations. Ask your instructor which style he or she prefers.

Test Your Knowledge

After you've read through all the tabs in this guide, test your knowledge using this quiz.