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E-books in Collins Library are fully integrated into Primo Search! 

Consult the e-books guide to find out more about finding and using our growing e-book collection.

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Use Google Books to search the text of a book.

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Searching Music in Primo

General Primo Search Tips

To find composers, conductors, or performers, use Primo advanced search by author.

To find titles of a particular work or album title, use Primo advanced search by title.

To search by subject for a form of performance, including genre of music or instrumentation, use Primo advanced search by subject.

Use keyword searching when looking for words in the titles, the subjects, and the contents notes. For this reason, you can sometimes find titles (and even composers) through keyword that you cannot find through a regular author or title search.


When searching for musical compositions, keep these tips in mind.

Ensembles are qualified by instrumentation.

Musical form is followed by instrumentation


Images from ARTStor

In ARTstor there are images that depict music scores, composers, performers, and instruments throughout music history. Of note are the images of Medieval and Renaissance manuscripts from the Bodleian Library at the University of Oxford and Princeton University Library.