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Final Project

This guide is intended to serve as a  resource for students in Music 223:  Women in Music as they complete their final project.

The final assignment in our course is meant to empower you to design a project of your own, related to “womxn in music.” Both the topic and design of the project are at your own discretion.

In the case of all project designs, you should be prepared to write at least 1200 words of prose (approximately 4 pages; double-spaced).

Examples include:

  • A reflection paper on a particular topic; such as womxn making or experiencing music during the COVID-19 pandemic, US election year, #blacklivesmatter movement, or your own reflection on the course or one of its topics, among others.
  • A creative piece (poem, visual art, music or dance piece) with accompanying prose that describes the piece and your intentions.
  • An analysis of a piece of multimedia (perhaps a livestreamed concert, podcast episode, or visual art).
  • An analysis of a (or a few) popular articles. Academic articles or book chapters are great too.
  • An annotated bibliography on a particular topic.
  • Many, many other formats.