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COMM 422: Advanced Media Studies

Getting Started

Popular Press Film Reviews

Search EBSCO Popular Press Databases

In addition to the EBSCO popular press databases, also try:

Scholary Reviews and Commentary about Film

Search EBSCO Scholarly Databases
Limit Your Results

Database Search Tips

Search tips for finding film reviews:

When the film title has more than one word, use quotes around the title.

  • "4 Little Girls"

When the film title is one word, use one of these strategies:

  • Add the word film or motion picture or movies. Ex. Butler and (film or motion picture or movies)
  • Add the director's name. Ex. Precious and "Lee Daniels"
  • Try combining both strategies. Ex. 42 and Helgeland and (film or motion picture or movies)

When searching databases for reviews,

  • Use date ranges to look for reviews when the film was released.
  • Limit to reviews if this option is available.

Go beyond the first page of results. You may find useful articles on subsequent pages.

No full text available? Check the full text link or search Primo's journal tab.

No scholarly articles? Search for the issues raised in the film.