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ENGL 248: Young Adult Literature

Tips for Searching for Book Reviews

To find a book review, you would typically search by the author's name, title of the book, and/or the date of publication. For this assignment, you may start by exploring the resources and booklists listed on the page for "Identifying Titles" or searching for keywords/concepts related to your group's chosen theme or topic. Once you've identified a potential selection for your list, search for additional reviews by title and author.

When using databases, limit your results when you can to the document type "book review" or "review".

Don't restrict your search to just one source! There are significant differences in content, date ranges, and full-text availability among the resources featured on this page. Additionally, you'll want to consult several reviews of each book under consideration to make a more balanced evaluation. 

Review Publications for Young Adult Literature

Reviews of literary works can be found in a variety of places. Here are some publications to start with for reviews of contemporary young adult literature.

Databases for Book Reviews

Many of the databases that the library subscribes to include book reviews alongside journal articles and other documents. Below is a list of some of the most useful databases for finding book reviews in the popular press, literary magazines, and elsewhere.

Print Indexes

Online sources are often easy to access and search. However, sometimes print resources offer better coverage for a specific information need. Book review indexes can be arranged chronologically, by subject, or alphabetically by author or title and provide you with detailed, accurate citations for published reviews. Search the newspaper, magazine, or journal title in Primo to locate the full-text of the review.

General Websites

There are many places where you can find book reviews online. For this assignment, stick to websites that provide professional reviews of books rather than reader reviews (such as those found on Amazon or Goodreads). A few options are listed below.