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BIOL 360: Evolution

Evolutionary Topic Grant Proposal


1. Find your topic

  • Need inspiration? Browse some of the major journals in the field. 
  • Make an appointment to come see me and bounce ideas around! 

2. Search the literature

What are your tips for successful research? Use this jamboard to share a suggestion: Biol 360 Spring 2022 Research Tips

  • Use the 'Find Articles' tab to jump into some useful databases.
  • Then search it again. Seriously,  research is an iterative process! You'll discover new search terms as you go, find out who the major authors are, discover subtopics and figure out new lines of inquiry.
  • Don't forget that you've got many options for tracking down full text: ILL, field trip to UWT, Google Scholar (sometimes), etc.
  • Speaking of Google Scholar, make sure you follow the research conversation both forwards in time ("cited by") and backwards in time (by mining the references of every article you read). 
  • Make an appointment to come see me and refine your search! 

[2.5 Read the literature, obvi]

3. Keep track of the literature & cite it real good

What's your plan for staying organized? You have many options!


Browsing Journals for Inspiration

Click each link to be taken to the archive of recent issues for the journal (if you are taken to a page in the library catalog, click the link in the 'view it' box to be taken to the main journal page. 

Some journals aren't available through Collins library, but the publisher will provide open access to content published more than a year ago, as noted below. 

Finally, the following journals are also interesting journals to browse, but we do not have immediate full text access to the content. You can browse recent issues and read abstracts, but if you would like to read a full article, you may need to request it through Interlibrary Loan

Get help now!

Ask a Librarian 24/7 service: Anytime, anywhere! This instant messaging reference service lets you chat with a librarian no matter what time it is. Puget Sound librarians can follow up if you leave your email address.

Best for: Questions that can't wait but come up when the library is closed; citation questions; tracking down specific books and articles.