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ARTS 104 | Visual Concepts through Digital Media

The assignment

As an entry point into our Graphic unit, you will conduct research on a style of graphic design. See the assignment on your Canvas page for specific details. This guide will help you with the research component of your assignment.

Where to find tertiary sources

Where to find secondary sources

You must find at least one scholarly, secondary source to provide context about the historical/social and/or cultural context of the time period and/or provide additional background information on your topic (journal article, book or book chapter, newspaper article, exhibition catalog, museum website text). Use these suggested resources to find your source!

Where to find primary sources

You must find at least one visual reference (original example of graphic design from the movement/style) to prepare your assignment. Some movements/styles will have images in big academic databases like ARTstor, but others will not. Depending on your topic you might need to do some Googling. Your best source for quality/accurate images is going to be websites that are .edus and .orgs (like museum websites and cultural organizations). Many styles also have visual essays on Google Arts & Culture! You can also look in print books in the library for reference images. 

"non-traditional" sources