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STHS 202: History of Modern Science & Technology

Key Subject Databases: HSTM & IsisCB

The History of Science, Technology and Medicine (HSTM) has been the definitive international bibliographic database for the history of science, technology, and medicine and their influence on culture, from pre-history to the present. It includes materials published after 1975; for works published prior to 1975, check the Isis Cumulative Bibliography.

Isis Cumulative Bibliography (IsisCB) is a recently-launched, open access discovery tool for STS.  It can help you identify sources that you wouldn't be able to find via HSTM.  Unlike HSTM, IsisCB is not linked to other Collins Library databases; once you find the citation to a potentially useful source, you'll need to search for it via Primo.

JSTOR: Advanced Search

JSTOR is a massive, multidisciplinary online archive of scholarly journals.  For most journals, the runs go back to the late nineteenth century.  JSTOR typically does not include access to current periodicals, and the "embargo" on recent scholarship can be anywhere from one to ten years.

When using JSTOR for research for your STS 202 project, follow these steps:

1.  Select the "Advanced Search" option.

2.  After typing in your search term(s), narrow your search as follows:

a.  Select "articles" as your item type. (Unless you also want to find book reviews.)

b. For the publication date, enter 1980 to the present.

c.  Under the journal filter, select "History of Science and Technology."

d.  Search!