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RSS 233: Japanese Religious Traditions

Using Library of Congress Subject Headings

Subject Searches: Familiarize yourself with the Library of Congress Subject Headings and the call numbers associated with them. When you find a subject heading that describes what you are looking for, you can run searches in Primo and/or go up to the stacks and browse the shelves within that call number range. Some specific examples of Library of Congress Subject Headings on selected aspects of religion in Japan include:

Tip:  Use the bibliographies in subject encyclopedias to identify specific titles of books.  Once you find a book that is useful for you, take a look at its subject headings to find more like that.

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Google Books

Google Books can be a fabulous tool when used in conjunction with Primo.  Google Books will let you get inside books to see where your topic is being discussed, but never rely solely on snippets or excerpts.  Always track down the full book in Primo!

Google Book Search