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Interdisciplinary Humanities

Humanities @ Collins Library

This guide is intended to serve as a starting point for Puget Sound students taking courses in the Humanities.  The focus of this guide is mostly on interdisciplinary research in the humanities; you also may wish to consult the subject guides for specific disciplines within the humanities (Art, Literature, Music, History, Philosophy, Religion, Theatre).

  • Getting Started leads you to suggested background sources for an overview of your topic.
  • Primary Sources include examples of original, uninterpreted sources.  
  • Books and More highlight current books, Puget Sound WorldCat, and search strategies.
  • Articles focuses on the selection of appropriate databases for locating secondary, scholarly sources.
  • Writing & Citing provide information about style manuals and citation management tools.




Humanities Department

Learn more about the Humanities program at the University of Puget Sound by visiting the Humanities Department website!

You'll find out the requirements for the major, current courses being offered, and information about the faculty.

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