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EXSC 329: Exercise Physiology

Research Process

The research process is just that: a process. A good researcher isn't someone who can always put the right words in the search box the first time, it's someone who uses each search to improve the next one.

To do effective research, you might need to circle back and try more than one search, use more than one database, and look at more articles than you actually use. By thinking through your research topic in advance, you'll be better equipped to plan how long your research takes and decide which sources will be the most helpful for you.


Work with a Peer Research Advisor!

Peer Research Advisors have the summers off.  See you in the fall!



Get help now!

Ask a Librarian 24/7 service: Anytime, anywhere! This instant messaging reference service lets you chat with a librarian no matter what time it is. Puget Sound librarians can follow up if you leave your email address.

Best for: Questions that can't wait but come up when the library is closed; citation questions; tracking down specific books and articles.