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CONN 344: Magic and Religion

The links on this page are for our in-class learning activities, as well as for further research, if interested.

Library of Congress Classification

1. Look at the outline of the Library of Congress classification system: 

  • How does the LoC classification system categorize knowledge?  Does it completely capture human knowledge?  
  • What does this schema tell us about the worldview of the people who designed it?
  • Is there anything you like about this schema?  
  • How would you critique this schema?

2. Look in particular at subclass B:

  • Why do you think Philosophy, Psychology, and Religion are grouped into one subclass?
  • Where is magic in this subclass?  What does that tell you about the worldview of the people who designed it?
  • What details stand out to you about the way the subclassifications are labeled and organized?

LoC Subject Headings

Link to Library of Congress subject headings:

Suggested reading:

Hajibayova, Lala, and Wayne Buente. “Representation of Indigenous Cultures: Considering the Hawaiian Hula.” Journal of Documentation 73, no. 6 (2017): 1137–1148.

Exploring Alternatives