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Collection Development Policy: Collins Memorial Library, University of Puget Sound

Gift Policy

The Library Director and the Development Office of the university will coordinate monetary gifts. Unrestricted financial gifts for acquisitions are welcome and appreciated because they offer the opportunity to support library acquisitions in needed and unanticipated ways. Particularly valuable or large collections as donations should also be coordinated through the Library Director’s office.

The library selectively accepts donations of physical materials which are in good condition provided there are no restrictions or conditions attached to the donation.

Since the library has limited space for adding new materials, potential donors should email the Associate Director for Resource Management Services, preferably with a full list of the items, to arrange the donation prior to bringing the material to the library. The criteria used for the selection of new materials will be applied to gifts at a collective and individual level. Donated materials that are accepted but not added to the library collection will be disposed of using normal library procedures. The library cannot guarantee we will notify and return non-added materials to the donor. Donations of physical materials left without prior arrangement will be discarded.

The library does not appraise gift materials for tax purposes: that is the responsibility of the donor. Upon request, the library will provide a letter to a donor acknowledging receipt of their donation, which will include the number of volumes donated, but not a title list. Requests for such letters must be made at the time of donation.

Contact Information Regarding Gifts

If you are interested in making a gift or donation to Collins Memorial Library, please email Hilary Robbeloth, Associate Director for Resource Management Services,, with a list of the titles including ISBNs if possible.