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CHEM 340: Physical Chemistry I


You will create a project using the media of your choice to communicate a key concept to an audience of the general public.

  • What does it mean to communicate a science concept to the general public? 

For Prof Mifflin's Class, you will need to turn in an annotated bibliography. 

  • What is an annotated bibliography?
  • What do you need to include in the annotations? 

How are you going to decide on your topic?  Think back to what you've learned about this semester; flip through your textbook for inspiration if needed, and pick something fascinating...a topic that you would like to explain to someone who has never heard of it, and doesn't know a whole lot about chemistry.  

Need inspiration? Check out some of these examples of communicating science: 

Let's talk through a potential topic: hot beverages!  Hop onto this jamboard to help brainstorm: Chem 340 - Hot Beverages