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SSI1-108 Empowering Technologies: Energy in the 21st Century

Finding Media Coverage for a General Audience

For this assignment, everyone will give a five-minute oral presentation on a magazine or newspaper article of their choice, which must be at least 1500 words (3 pages) long and published in 2019 or later.  Your article must be closely tied to one or more of the following key words or phrases:    

  • geothermal energy  
  • photovoltaic cells 
  • offshore wind farms 
  • the smart grid
  • tidal power
  • electrical grid security
  • nuclear energy
  • wind energy
  • solar energy
  • hydroelectric power
  • natural gas
  • coal
  • conservation efforts for electricity
  • electricity generation outside of the United States

Databases to Find Articles

Searching for your topic


  • Consider: what topic are you interested in? What are the key search terms that you'll want to include? 
  • Try making a concept map to explore various aspects of the topic that you might want to learn about, which will help you narrow down your search for articles. 
  • Add additional search terms using 'OR' to expand your search and get more results; add search terms using 'AND' to narrow your search and get fewer results

Filtering your results

  • Filter by date (2019 or later)
  • Filter by source type (scholarly/peer reviewed article; magazine article; newspaper article)

Change where you're searching

  • By default, most databases search for your search terms anywhere in the whole entire article. You can bring back more targeted, relevant results by changing your search field to just the title of the article. This will bring back only results that have your search term in the title of the article.