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GQS 220 | What is Queer?

Fashion History

Books and articles on fashion history, queer or otherwise, can also help contextualize your primary source artifact. 

Search PRIMO using broad keywords like "queer fashion", or get specific about the kind of garment you are looking for. 

Define any “terms of art” that you might be able to use while searching – these are a word or phrase that has a precise, specialized meaning within a particular field or profession.

For example:

In addition to "fashion," for example, you might try “costume,” and/or “dress”.

If you are looking for women’s hats, you might search “hats”, but also might want to try the term “millinery” (the design, making and sale of women's hats).

Search on specific elements of dress to find books devoted to those topics: 






or try subject headings like:

Fashion – History

Fashion drawing -- History

Fashion -- Environmental aspects

Costume – History

Clothing and dress – History

Women’s clothing – [the country] eg. Women’s clothing -- France

Men’s clothing – [the country] eg. Men's clothing -- United States