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Music 323: Performing Asian America

Research Question

How, why, and for whom are Asian American food bloggers writing?


Asian American food

Asian American cooking

Asian American cuisine




Food blogs




Ethnicity or Ethnic Identity

Cultural Appropriation



Support Asian restaurants

Combat Stigmatism

Combat Othering

Asian American Food Bloggers and Ethnography

Using Google Scholar, search for Asian American food blogging and ethnography:


"Asian American Food Blogging as Racial Branding:  Rewriting the Search for Authenticity" in Global Asian American Popular Culture 

Search Primo for book, check the contents. This is not an ethnographic study but may lead to one. Look in the bibliography.

The Fortune Cookie Chronicles:  Adventures in the World of Chinese Food - Author is a reporter, not a scholar

Search Primo for food and ethnography.

Eating Korean in America:  Gastronomic Ethnography of Authenticity


Searching for Scholarly Articles