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Music 222: Music of the World's Peoples

Podcast Assignment

You will work with a partner to create a 5-6-minute podcast episode, in which you will discuss a specific topic that relates to world music. “Music” is here defined as broadly as we’ve defined in the course—traditions of theater and dance in which music and sound figure are all fair game.

Podcasting Tips

Listen to podcast episodes for inspiration. Some suggestions:

Special section of an NPR “Codeswitch” episode (Note: this is a 5-6-minute episode)

NPR’s “All Songs Considered”

“Heat Rocks” by Oliver Wang and Morgan Rhodes

See NPR Guide for students designing a podcast

Reverse Engineer a Podcast

  1. Listen to the podcast: Vox:  Why this creepy melody is in so many movies
  2. What is the research question?
  3. What is the thesis statement (i.e., the answer to the research question)?
  4. What opinions, assertions, or facts presented during the podcast might need research to prove or verify?
  5. What additional questions might you have about the topic after listening to the podcast?

Begin Your Research with Background Sources

Subject encyclopedias are good starting points for research. They are written by scholars and  provide background information about a topic. They can also be useful for:

  • identifying keywords when searching databases
  • suggesting additional sources of information (via bibliographies)
  • establishing the scope of a topic
  • providing authoritative factual information

Online Subject Encyclopedias