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EDUC 419: American Schools, Inside and Out

SAC Assignment

This guide provides resources that support the "Structured Academic Controversy: School Choice and Accountability as Strategies for School Reform" assignment.  There are a wide variety of resources, organizations and web sites to explore that offer widely differing views on the topic, and listed here are just a few that will give you a good start on your research.

Hot Topics & Opposing Viewpoints

These tools offer viewpoints, editorials and other resources that present differing views on topics of interest like 'school choice.'

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ERIC is the primary tool used by educators to find information related to all aspects of education

Produced by the Institute of Education Sciences of the United States Department of Education the database provides access to information from journals included in the Current Index of Journals in Education and the Resources in Education Index. ERIC covers journals related to all aspects of education, and ERIC documents, which include curriculum guides, reports, and conference papers.

ERIC: Education Resource Information Center
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Selected eBooks about "School Choice"

Listed here is a selection of electronic books about "School Choice."  To find additional materials, search Primo, and the filters to limit to online resources, and or the type of resource you're interested in.