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THTR 371 | Theatre History I: From the Origins of Theatre to the 17th Century

Contemporary Production History Assignment

For the Contemporary Production History component of the Dramaturgy Sequence Assignment you will need to research a production of the play you've selected that has been staged since 1970. You will need to look for

  • reviews and scholarship about the production
  • pictures, interviews with the artists
  • information about the design
  • information about organization
  • information about the venue

Here, you'll find suggested resources and search tips for finding Stage Histories, Reviews, and Media to help you get started on your research. 

Production History Overview

Production history covers original and subsequent productions. Writers generally discuss:

  • Overall evaluation of the production
  • Theatrical innovations
  • Directing
  • Casting, acting
  • Staging
  • Substance or meaning of the play
  • Other details

Start with Primo

Find books and more when you search PRIMO.

Suggested PRIMO  Search terms. Copy and paste into the PRIMO search box.

Medieval English Cycle Plays and Processional Staging

  • Theater -- England -- History -- Medieval, 500-1500
  • Mysteries and miracle-plays, English -- History and criticism
  • Christian drama, English (Middle) -- History and criticism
  • Bible plays, English -- History and criticism

Commedia dell'arte

  • Commedia dell'arte -- History and criticism
  • Theater -- Italy -- History -- 16th century

Court Masques

  • Masques -- History and criticism
  • Masques with music -- 17th century -- History and Criticism

General Histories

  • Theater Great Britain History 17th century
  • Theater -- England -- History -- 16th century
  • Theater History Medieval

Examples of Stage History Books

Sources for orginal productions and revivals

Mulitdisciplinary Databases

Use these databases to find articles from more than one academic discipline.

Subject Databases

These subject databases may be especially useful for your research project for this class.