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THTR 200 | The Theatrical Experience | Dr. Freeman

Suggested Sources for Understanding Context


Background Sources

Start with these background sources to establish factual evidence for a play and its historical period.

Examples of Chronologies

These sources help identify significant events of a specific time period. To find chronologies in Primo, use the search terms "chronology historical"

World of the Author

This information explores the life of the playwright and experiences that may have influenced his/her work.

When doing research on the playwright, look for information about:

  • the playwright's influences, life experiences, dominant themes
  • social, political, philosophical, and moral attitudes of the day

Playwright Resources

Listed below is a small sampling of background sources. Search Primo  to find additional titles.

Examples of Books about Daily Life

Social Histories

Articles for In-Depth Information

Start with these databases to find articles relating to the historical and social context of the play.