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Hispanic Studies

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Call Numbers to Browse

If you're interested in a broad topic related to Hispanic Studies, or would like to browse for inspiration, try one of these Library of Congress call letters:

  • DP: History of Spain and Portugal
  • F 1201 to F 3799: Latin American history
  • PQ 6001 to PQ 8929: Literature in Spanish

Books with the call letters DP and F are located on the second floor of the library; books beginning with the call letter P are located on the third floor.

Locations of print books:

  • New books are located in the Library lobby and are in call number order.
  • Print Reference books are on the first floor across from the Learning Commons area.
  • Book stacks: Consult the library map; look for location posters; or ask any staff member for help!

New Titles at Collins Library

Cambridge Companions

Cambridge Companions are a series of authoritative essay collections that synthesize the most important aspects of a topic. Each volume is edited by a leading scholar in the field and offers essays written by experts. Look for Companions on specific authors, genres, themes or movements, and time periods.


E-books in Collins Library are fully integrated into Primo Search! 

Consult the e-books guide to find out more about finding and using our growing e-book collection.

Google Books

Use Google Books to search the text of a book.

Google Book Search

Using Library of Congress Subject Headings

Collins Library, like most academic libraries in the United States, uses Library of Congress Subject Headings to describe the content of books. If you are researching an author about whom much has been written, you can use Library of Congress Subject subheadings to help pinpoint your search.

You only need to be an observant user of Primo -- not an expert in the use of subject headings -- to make them work for you. When you find an item that seems relevant, look at its subject terms to find similar items. To do this, check the "Item Details" and simply click on one of the subject headings listed in the record for the book; the next screen will list all the books that share this subject term.

Here are several examples of various ways of narrowing your search for books on Cervantes:

Cervantes Saavedra, Miguel de, 1547-1616 -- Criticism and interpretation

Cervantes Saavedra, Miguel de, 1547-1616 -- Technique

Cervantes Saavedra, Miguel de, 1547-1616 -- Characters -- Women

Cervantes Saavedra, Miguel de, -- 1547-1616. -- Don Quixote

Cervantes Saavedra, Miguel de, 1547-1616 -- Monsters in literature