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PHIL 106: Language, Knowledge, and Power

Your Assignment

Your paper assignment for PHIL 106 asks you to identify and engage with one or more popular media sources that are related to a real-world language phenomenon of your choosing and one theoretical text from the course. This page highlights a variety of sources that you might consult to identify a topic of interest and select the popular media source(s) you will use in your analysis. 

Text-Based Sources

There are a myriad of places to go to find popular media and news content. These library databases provide great coverage of a wide number of national and regional newspapers, and are good starting points for news coverage.

You may also choose to search for your secondary sources in a single publication, such as the online sources listed below:

Media Sources

Secondary sources that feature or describe language phenomena need not only be textual. You may discover a podcast or video that discusses the real-world phenomenon you wish to explore. There are thousands of podcasts and videos that span a broad range of topics. Below are links to platforms where you can search for media sources, as well as a few podcast series that might be of interest.

Video Sources:


Audio Sources:

Interactive Tools

These interactive tools are useful for analyzing language phenomena in a variety of contexts.