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Latin American Studies

Primary Sources in Latin American Studies

What you will use as primary sources in Latin American Studies will depend on the context of your assignment:

  • An assignment on some aspect of Latin American civilization could use art or film as primary sources. 
  • An assignment for a Spanish literature class would use literary texts as primary sources. 
  • A class on contemporary popular Latin American culture could use current magazines or newspapers.


Visual materials, including images, are examples of primary sources. There are many image collections in ARTstor that are pertinent to Latin American Studies, including the Languages and Literature featured group which "highlights Artstor content related to languages and literature, including images of renowned authors and depictions of literary themes and characters, as well as contextual images that enhance understanding of the time periods and cultures shaping literary production."

Learn more about ARTstor collections relevant to Languages and Literature and Latin American Studies.

Spanish-language Current Newspapers & Magazines

Proceso magazine

Collins Library subscribes to the print format of some popular Spanish-language magazines. Past issues are located downstairs in the periodical collection, organized alphabetically by title.

The magazine collection includes:

  • Proceso
  • Cuadernos Americanos

Spanish Language Films

Collins Library has a growing collection of Spanish-language cinema on DVD and through streaming video platforms. You can also request DVDs from SUMMIT and other libraries via ILL.

Search by the film's title, by the author/creator, or do a keyword search on your topic in Primo to see which films are available.

Selected Digital Collections and Primary Sources Online


Other digital libraries: