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GQS 201: Intro to Gender, Queer, and Feminist Studies

Start Your Research at the Library!

Marsha P. Johnson hands out flyers for support of gay students at N.Y.U. (photograph)


This guide is intended as a starting point for an archival, group-based research project about identity- and gender-oriented activism and movement politics from the 1960s to the 1990s.  

Image: Manuscripts and Archives Division, The New York Public Library. "Marsha P. Johnson hands out flyers for support of gay students at N.Y.U." The New York Public Library Digital Collections. 1970.

Getting Started with Subject Encyclopedias

Encyclopedias and other reference resources are excellent places to start contextualizing primary sources.

Subject encyclopedias, handbooks and overviews are scholarly, tertiary works written by experts on a variety of topics. The articles are typically longer and more detailed than those found in general encyclopedias. Subject encyclopedias can help guide you with:

  • Understanding the scope of a topic
  • Suggesting ideas for narrowing a topic
  • Identifying key concepts, terms, dates and names
  • Listing subject areas related to a topic
  • Recommending sources for further exploration

Featured Subject Encyclopedias

Start with these subject encyclopedias and branch out as needed. 

Print encyclopedias and dictionaries are located on the first floor of Collins Library.

Additional Online Reference Resources