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FREN 480: French in the Americas

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How to Search for French Language Material in Databases

Depending on the database, there are a few strategies to find resources written in French:

You can:

  • conduct your search in English and then, once you have a list of results, click on the Search Options and then from the Language list, select French. 
  • search using French search terms.
  • locate the Thesaurus or Subject Terms and appropriate French terms.

Be aware of databases that auto correct French words to similar English words.

Recommended Subject Databases

For this course, most of you will want to start your search with the MLA International Bibliography, Literature Criticism (literature and linguistics), and/or Historical Abstracts (world history). 

When searching for articles, click on the "check for full text" link to see if Collins Library has the journal or you need to order it through interlibrary loan.

e-Journal Collections

In most cases, you'll be better served by searching the subject databases above. However, if you have a topic that is very multidisciplinary, searching these electronic journal collections might be useful.

La Révolution Haïtienne, 1791-1804

L’Occupation américaine, 1915-1934

La présidence des deux Duvaliers, 1957-1986

La période actuelle, 1986-présent