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ENGL 212: The Craft of Literature

What's a secondary source?

In secondary sources, authors analyze and interpret primary source materials. 

Secondary sources can be scholarly or popular.  Scholarly sources (sometimes called "academic" or "peer-reviewed" sources) are written by and for experts and typically include bibliographies and citations.  Popular sources are written for a general, non-expert audience and can be authored by anyone.

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Exhibition Catalogs

Exhibition catalogues can be valuable resources for learning more about a particular artist and their work. These collections often include a mixture of primary and secondary sources such as: Artists' statements; Essays about the artists' work; Artists' biographies including exhibition and award history; Images of the artists' work. 

For less well known artists, these catalogues may be one of the few sources of information available about their work.

How to Find:

  • Search Primo using the artist's name and the phrase "exhibition catalogs"

Recommended Databases

There are several databases from which to choose when you are seeking secondary sources. For this assignment, most of you will want to start your search by looking at Art Full Text or a newspaper database (for items like exhibition reviews and commentary on the artist/work) or the Arts & Humanities Database (scholarly work in art and cultural studies, among other areas).