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CN 318

This guide has been created for students in Prof. Tanya Erzen's course, CN 318:  Crime and Punishment.  It provides guidance especially for the archival/digital humanities project.

Ethics, Archives, & DH

Here are some readings to help you think about ethical considerations as you choose which archival documents to make digitally available.

Agarwal, Kritika. "Doing Right Online: Archivists Shape an Ethics for the Digital Age." (2016).

Poudyal, Bibhushana. (2021, November 8). The “nature” of ethics while (digitally) archiving the Other. [Special issue on Unsettling the Archives.] Across the Disciplines, 18(1/2), 177-190.

Tips for Group Work on DH Projects

  • This project will live beyond the time you are enrolled in this course.  Questions to consider:
    • Future members of the team will need access to your work.  How will you ensure that they can access the work in order to update it or maintain it?  One option is to create a gmail account for your group--and make sure that Prof. Erzen has that information before the end of the semester.
    • Do you want to receive attribution by name, and if so, how?  DH projects are the culmination of work by many individuals!
  • Break your project into small tasks and assign a group member as the point person for each of those tasks.
  • Estimations of how much time is needed are usually wrong, sometimes by a lot.  Imagine how much time you need, then multiply it by three.  If you finish sooner, you'll just have time to do other work or rest!